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Embracing the flow of change

Pantarei Approach

"As we inspire and empower people on their learning path to discover their own personal power and become more of their authentic selves, we hope to bring further balance to our world."

Choosing to be yourself can be frightening and challenging and
it is one of the most liberating experiences you will ever know. 


Pantarei will bring you closer to yourself and your intuition by
activating your ability to feel and to heal yourself. We use intuitive touch,
verbal communication and body awareness to create energy that
fertilizes your next steps.


Working with our body and tapping into its resources, energy and strength can help us with any challenge. Pantarei Approach supports with overcoming obstacles, to deal with chronic conditions, to let emotions be experienced throughout the process and to gain new energy, lightness and clarity of purpose.


When you feel connected to yourself and with what surrounds you, you can notice a certain rhythm, movement and flow. In which things develop which suit you and your surroundings. This flow can be felt, noticed and enhanced. It allows you to move forward with whatever you are facing in our very own way, a smoother way.

For more information about Pantarei Approach click here.


  • Each session will be about 1 hour (first session ist 1,5 hs)

  • Session 60 Eur (or you pay as much as you can      )


Contact me if you like to receive a session.


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