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About me

I like share my positive empowering experience that I had after my breast cancer therapy. My own challenges taught me to heal myself to become stronger. That is what I want to give to everybody: reconnect to your own energy, become your favorite version of yourself and enjoy living it."


My education

Pantarei Approach Training

I started my 1,5 years Pantarei Training 2016 and finished 2018 in Berlin. Since then I have been giving Pantarei Sessions in Person and online. Giving session generates a lot of energy, for my client and me. It is a win-win Situation.

First RYS® 200 Teachers Training

I became a yoga teacher in 2016. In spring, I went to the Vinyasa Foundation Teacher Training with David Lurey in Brasil to get a good foundation of traditional yoga before I jump into my favorite Forrest Yoga style. There is also surf in Brasil and I love to surf! After the training I started to teach Vinyasa yoga classes in Berlin.

RYS® 300 Teachers Training

My next Teachers Training was in August in Peterborough: the Advanced Forrest Yoga Teachers Training. It was an amazing change to learn so much form very experienced teachers! Since then I teach Forrest Yoga style.

Second RYS® 200 Teachers Training

In October I was in Texas for my Foundation Forrest Yoga Teachers Training. Now I have a strong foundation to teach Forrest Yoga classes and I am proud to be part of Forrest Yoga Teachers family.

Breast cancer and I

2014 I had my breast cancer diagnose. Forrest Yoga and Pantarei Session really helped me through my therapy and it are still helping me now.


I have always been connected to my spirit and strong. The difference before and after my breast cancer therapy; before I wasn’t able to see clearly what I am standing strong for. Now more than one year after my therapy I start to see clearer every day. I understand that I can gain strength by being open and soft to challenges and emotions in life, rather than trying hard to work on them :) It is actually a lot of fun to be connected to your spirit and do what it tells you to do.

There is still fear of death and some uncertainty how to live with this cancer experience. I experienced a lot of love and support, I am very grateful to have had such a scary but beautiful experience in my life.

Anything else

I believe that you can feel what is good for you in every sense: if you pay attention and truly listen to yourself and the environment you can sense what is good for you. 


I am a freelance Designer and I love to do good work for good people with ideas that make the world a better place. For me there is no difference between work and privat life.

I believe in spirits and magic.

I love the sun, water and I love to draw monsters :)

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